POPfitness Leggings Review

I’m very happy with these leggings from POP Fit Clothing. They were good enough to send them to me for free, I just had to pay shipping. They arrived in under two weeks, which is fair enough in my book if your parcel is coming from the States.

First of all, they look exactly the same in real life as they do in their online shop. Down to the exact shade of colour and pattern, the picture does the real deal justice.



The picture above is the description from their website and as blurbs go, it's pretty fair.  I'm not so sure that my butt looks any different in them... My boyfriend kindly told me that my ass looked great in them but I don't think that counts as an official thumbs up. They are flattering, they are extremely comfortable, light and breathable. They're tight around the ankles- something that is often a problem for me! I find that leggings often gape a bit around my ankles but these are very nicely fitted.  There is a beautiful thick elastic around the top of the leggings that sits just at your bellybutton and they feels very secure, you feel like your stomach as being hugged and supported by the waist band.

My only criticism would be that the material feels a little thin. I'm not sure yet how they will wear.  Their website claims they are "squat tested" but I'm not overly confident that they would be completely opaque if I were in a deep squat or lunge. I think the material is just a tad too sheer.



At €34.40 before shipping, the PopFit leggings are competitively priced but I can't decide yet if they are worth it, not until I've washed them a few times and see how they hold up with a lot of contact with the yoga mat. 

If someone asked me for a recommendation, at this minute I would say go for it. I hope I'll still be saying that in a month's time! 


3 Stars! Worth a go.

As always, my love to you all my Yogilateral Warriors!

Happy yoga-ing!

All my love,



Clodagh Ní Fhaoláin

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